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Albert Kirk Jr

Yestreen nae lang efter lowsin ma darg

A seen in the lift a skimmerin licht,

A glowe sae bricht as tae lowden ilk staur

An blind ony gangrel takkin the gate;

Mirkenin fleggit tae kythe heich abune

An ootlin hingin ablo a gowd broch,

Een lik a puddock an yallochie hide,

waggin at me aw alane in her shine;

She liltit a sang nae lintie cuid ding

That dautit ma lugs lik an eldritch braith,

An hoosomever wur leids wurnae mean

A wist fou weel she wis wantin tae gab;

A hidnae the tung tae mak her forstaw

That A wis nae heidyin wirdy tae ken;

Ower ma pan but the beastie fasht nocht

An weirdly let wit that A wis her wale;

Raither than swither or aggle ma breeks,

A bad her come doon tae shank at ma cheek;

The veesitor didnae cangle or dring

An fit-for-fit she wis matchin me syne;

Whit is yer name? quo me tae the bodie;

Whit, quo the ootrel aw placit an blithe;

Whit ur ye cried? quo me gettin raivelt;

Whit, the thing smirkit, her vice lik a dram;

Trig an belyve A wirkt oot her ettle,

Cantin ma wirds tae confabble an lear,

An efter a wheen o oors stravaigin

Ma marra cuid crack lik yin o wur ain:

Ken me as Whit, quo Whit tae me siblike,

An Yirdlins A cam fae Jove tae subvene

The fowk hereaboots wha dinnae tak tent

O ilka puir wicht fae hither an yon.

Noo she wis souple she spak owernicht

Tae get me tae jine her greeable scheme

Tae mak forstaund we gousterie Yirdfolk

Sair crockanition aboot tae befaw;

A harkit while Whit rede oot the hale scrieve

An got masel gey disjaiskit an wraith,

Maistly sin A wis naething tae naeb'dy

An hidnae the rank tae redd up the quirk;

Whit didnae fyke but an waukent ma mense,

Makkin me ken that ma inpit wis socht,

Feart as she wis that oorichie Yirders

Widnae buy aiples fae aff o her cairt:

Monie a stane dis it tak tae mak tours,

An ye ur the steid, quo she wi a glent;

Crottle bi crottle wur biggin will tove:

A Jovian ploy wi pith o the Yird.

Swippert A got masel intae the toon

An gaithert a rangle doon by the kirk,

Chappin on doors tae houster a hirsel

Couthie an jonick tae vizzie an wecht;

In dawin they stuid but, wirmit an cauld,

Mumpin as yin aboot loassin thir kip,

Aigan tae skaith the gowkie whae threapit

Ferlies they'd deek afore peep o the day;

Lassies an lads, quo me a bit fleggit,

Tho A'm no wiley, or namely asides,

Pey heed eneuch tae ma jessamine peer

An awthing that drees is siccar exeemed.

Cantie A tirlit an pintit alaft

Tae whaur A thocht Whit wis buskin tae mou

Aw aboot antercasts gruesome aheid

An hou we cuid chinge wur feydom forby;

Bi jings an tae hang but: Whit wis awa!

An aw the crabbit clamjamfrie got riled,

Yin o the zoomers cleekin ma thrapple,

Lettin me ken that ma gizzern wis claimed;

Ere A wis endit we hird a braw soond

Dirlin the riggin an stillin the mird;

Ower wur powes the Jovian skitit

Caurie an richt wi a crune in her chowks:

Yirders, Whit sang as fair as a throstle,

Daith dae youse wirship adreich A jalouse;

Bauch ur yer harrans an jeelt ur yer herts

An nane o youse taste yer wizzen's propine;

The air in yer buffs is murther an stour,

Siller an haudins the bluid in yer veins;

Nane o youse cradle the winder o suith,

An ilka coorse fauseheid growes on the thrive;

A amnae here but tae gie ye a targe

Or laither yer erses, nocht tae expone;

Raither insteid A'll gie youse the saicret

O leevin in saucht, forstaundin aw lair.

Carefu we leetit as Whit makkit shaws

Tae jine her in flicht, lik stuckies or doos;

Naebody kent whit her flafferin meant

Sae OWERSET TITE they gowlit a-creel;

Fesh oot yer turn, ya bawheidit japer!

Quo yin wappin birkie grespin ma airm,

Ye hechtit a mervel oot o this warld

An aw that we get's daft geggery sair.

Nae need for jamphery, injurt quo me,

The tint o yer een suid mak ye ken fine!

Liftwart A sklentit tae keek at the chiel,

But trew me or no, she'd sauntit AGANE!

Scart an dumfoonert A roupit: Aw Whit?

Dinnae begunk me wi gomerels naur!

Aiblins A suidnae hiv yollert sae lood

Sin tubes in the croud wur willint tae flist:

A've hid eneuch o this brosie wee ned,

The loon whae haudit me quo tae his squad,

Messans that haiver suid ken tae stey wheesht

Sae tak oot yer chibs an maugre the swine.

A neednae say mair, sin as ye cin see

Pure molocation they pairt oot tae me,

Gied us a keeker an spleetit ma knap,

Left us on oxter-staffs, eesicht is wrackt;

The pauchlin radges rookit me tae,

Tanned aw ma catter an sneckit ma shuin,

Lauchin in jaws aboot lettin me ken

A'll ne'er hae the tung tae mak them forstaw;

An as fur ma Whit, ma fremmit wee Jo,

She didnae retour, whilk mittles us aw;

As dis the suith that her wittins o lown

Wis dingied for want o blateness an thole.

Sae thon's the fou whup, but dinnae yet gang,

Ye luik lik yer gentle, hertie an kind,

See efter mauchless yins, delt ilka wean,

Thochtie regaird for aw craiturs an kin,

Niver the sowel tae jouk by a kinch,

Speik afore flytin an dinnae dae ill,

Treat ony incomer lik yer ain maw,

LUVE dae ye dale tae ilk misterfu haun.

Thon bein the wey, pal, an dinnae get gair,

It dools me sairly tae speir, but A will:

Gie us a quid for ma bus tae get hame

An A sweir A willnae pest ye agane.

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