• albertkirkjunior

Anent Knichts an Dames

Albert Kirk Jr

Ye say yer blythe tae be a Sir?

Tae turn yer back on whae ye wur?

Tae think yer marras nocht but curs

Boun for a rantin?

Tae clap the hem o ermine furs

Is aw yer wantin?

An quine, ye cry yersel a Dame

Wioot a bittie unce o shame?

A'm juist the same auld lass, ye claim,

While dae'n a beck?

An forderin yer flashy name

Tae boost yer cheques?

It micht bi better hid ye thocht

Aboot the fowk that hivnae ocht,

An aw the messages we bocht

Tae get them fed,

An hou wur monarch niver socht

Tae keep them cled:

Ye didnae but, sin that's yer richt

Tae steek yer een tae gruesome sichts

(An sit in lithe wi Empire's micht

Tae kill an steal):

Bi fain wi thon an sleep at nicht?

Sir suits ye weel.

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