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Albert Kirk Jr

Auld freend, A rede as marras shuirly maun,

It maks me sair tae see yer oorie sichts,

Sae reuch in pairts wi hap that's no sae bricht

As thon fae whan lang syne ye rang the laun;

The wirth o ilka deal ye unnerstaun,

Ye'd chairge the day a grand tae turn tae nicht,

The sunsheen disnae lunt yer roukie licht

An scorries cleek the scran fae oot ma haun.

Dubai ye urnae, dame, but dinnae fash,

Sin A'm nae laird masel tae think ye laich,

An willnae thole a wird that pits ye doon;

Sae sling a gallus deifie tae the snash

An trauchle ilka bane tae mak them spraich,

Ma jonick, thrawn an pawkie Scottish toon.

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