• albertkirkjunior

Eton Boorach

Albert Kirk Jr

Putin's muckle owersicht?

He didnae gang tae Eton:

Thon's the wey tae siccar mak

Yer cantrips urnae beaten!

Thon's the wey tae let us ken

Ye dae juist as ye please,

An gin ye mak a cunt o it

Syne fend it as a tease;

Thon's the wey tae rapple geary,

Chorin for yer chaps,

Sellin aff a kintra's pith

An fashin no a drap;

Thon's the wey tae faither weans

Wioot the feshin up,

Blaudin intae lassies

Lik a capernoitit tup;

An thon’s the wey tae perish

Monie thoosans wi yer deeds,

Kennin ilka Eton lad

Will big the praps ye need:

The fellae cannae help hissel!

Yer beengin pals'll smudge,

Makkin aw yer frawart ills

Seem naething wirth a grudge.

Sae get yersel tae Windsor, Vlad,

Ye neednae speir a biddin;

An whan ye jine the College syne

The WARLD will be yer midden!

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