• albertkirkjunior

Faur Richt

Albert Kirk Jr

Maist o forrit an ayond fares wioot ye.

Time's a faem fae whilk ye beb a drap.

An naething endures, marras; nae a thing!

Ilka braith is a swick fae yer buffs.

Ilka oor is yin less.

Ilka bairn anither wecht on the Yird.

Naething endures. Naething.

We ken tae hae mind but, we ken tae hae mind

O whae aw the cunts wur:

Hitler, Putin, Rhodes, tae gie ye three.

We ken tae hae mind.

Sae mak yer wale: ur ye on the cunt-scrow or ur ye no?

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