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Jubilee Street Pairty

Albert Kirk Jr

Pit awa yer gowps an carks

An cleed yersel in gawsie sarks;

Redd a neuk intil yer thairm

An rax yer pithy bousin airm;

Ilka bodie fetch a plate

(Tho Meghan willnae get a sate)

An weelcome yin, weelcome aw,

Tae Leezie's pairty, routh an braw!

Elders, get yer erses doon:

Thare’s tea an cake an couthie tunes

Tae gar ye mind the guid auld days

Whan fair Britannia ruled the waves

An fowk wi broon an yella faces

Held thir wheesht an kent thir places,

Didnae try tae come ow'r here

Wi aw thir pratticks, daft an queer!

Young yins, whit is mair fantoush

Than toastin Bess wi fizzy juice?

Chuck an Willum cheert an aw:

Heidyins made fae heidyins' baws;

An aiblins gin ye hivnae et

For near a week ye cannae let

The chance tae stap yer belly pass,

Nor swally fae a Ryal tass!

Mithers, faithers, dinnae hanker,

No a wean'll greet or canker:

Anndra's keen tae gaird yer chiels

An Eddie's got a thoosan spiels,

An gin thon willnae mak them bide

Syne Anne'll dae them cuddy rides:

Up an doon the street they'll gang,

Kings an queens abune the thrang!

A'b'dy else, the buntin's oot

Tae lea' wur chief wioot a doot

That aw the kintra bends the knap

An disnae thole republic crap;

An were ye no tae jine - for shame! -

The polis'll tak doon yer name,

Sae stowe yer painch wi Leezie's meal:

Ye pey for her, ye micht as weel.

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