• albertkirkjunior

Meenister for Keechter

Albert Kirk Jr

Nadine Dorries

annoonced the day

that she's fund her ain erse

wi baith hauns:

its moothfae o teeth

spews a river o keech

that naeb'dy but she


an the eejit misteuk

the neb for a plook

sae she gied it a poultice

an saw;

an she skirls wi delicht

sin the farter his sicht

an a pan that contains

bugger aw;

tho the lugs wur a dint,

an gied her a hint

that this hoop wis aiblins

her napper;

but she cannae loass face

sae she's hid tae replace

her oorichie dish

wi her crapper.

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