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Albert Kirk Jr

The Union is pumped! A'body kens.

Aw that wur speirin is hou will it en?

Will it bi Scotland that sterts the thing gaun?

Mebbe the Irish'll gie us a haun?

Will it bi peacefu or will thare bi fechts?

Will it faw doon unner history's wecht?

Will aw the bodies that thirldom it gied

Hove oot thir coffins tae gar the boss dee?

Will the stainch Unionists chowk it wi hate?

Will it juist dwinnle an thole wi its fate?

Will it coff petrol tae dae itsel ill?

Will it drap deid at the sicht o the bill?

Will it get sellt for a hantle o siller?

Will it get killt in a KGB villa?

Which yin is likest? A'm hyte tae find oot,

Olite tae poke gin it's hingin aboot;

Olite tae lowsen ma horse fae its cairt,

Olite tae batter a stab thro its hert;

Union, yer jotters ur on the wey here,

The baw's on the slates, the feenish is near;

Ye tuik the fou whup an steyed ower lang,

Letna the door hit yer erse whan ye gang.

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