• albertkirkjunior


Albert Kirk Jr

Locusts, wirms an girselowpers

endure in plastic kists,

toatie holes in ilka lid

tae keep the beasties quick:

LIVE FOOD: £4.29

"Ye need a haun?" the wumman says,

as blythe as onie bairn.

"Naw," A says, fell seekent, wantin

suet baws an dug meat.

Hoppers birk an sprauchle

in thir peerie gaupit jiles,

ticht in siccar daith them aw,

leevin juist tae feed,

unkennin but, an whippert

gin a fit a coupon rauks.

Up the road ma roll an slice

gars no a thocht o kye,

tho iv'ry keestless moothfae

is a boolder in ma gowl,

an booldersome they'll stey

whan drappin oot ma dowp the morn.

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