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The Elephant's Poyum

Albert Kirk Jr

Yince upon a time an elephant scrievit a poyum aboot her trunk. She wis fair tricket wi the poyum, sae she shew it tae the ither beasts. Quo the zebra : "A'm urnae fain o it. Ye shude scrieve a poyum aboot spraings." Quo the rhinoceros: "A'm urnae fain o it. Ye shude scrieve a poyum aboot horns." A flee bizzit in her lug: "A'm urnae fain o it. Ye think that ma tung is sair laich sin yer trunk is sae lang an lingel." The lion gauntit: "A dinnae sussie for yer poyum at aw. Ye shude scrieve aboot me. A'm the king o the jungle, sae A'm ur." The elephant fauldit her poyum awa. She niver pairtit wi it agane, even tho it pit ower her elephantine thochts perfit. An the zebra, rhinoceros, flee an lion unnerstuid ainlie thirsels, an ainlie a wee tait, an wioot ferlie.

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