• albertkirkjunior

The Gift Tae Gie

Albert Kirk Jr

a shilpit carle in a café

chowes his tea alane

an sits in a couthie dwam

dautin a widden cuddy

bocht A jalouse for a bairn

the ferlie o his hert

he claps the toy an glents

peppin it lik a whalp

seein aheid hou blithe wi it

the wean he luves'll be

gledsome wi the mindin

an the yin that brocht it fain

A weesh A hid the gift tae gie

yer chiel ma sicht the noo

o ilka skinkle in yer een

that's siccar meant for thaim

an no some ootrel lik masel

whae disnae crave yer tent

but syne belike in twinty year

(weel efter yer awa)

the tot'll find yer bonnie glyde

ablo thir adult scaff

an granda's lithe an lestie smile

will kythe itsel an bide

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