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The Structur

Albert Kirk Jr

The structur is sae heich that ye cannae rise ower it sae braid that ye cannae shank roon it sae laich that ye cannae howk unner it sae stoot that ye cannae whirl throu it Gang back? They aw gang back There's nae wey tae get by it Yer ainlie wale is tae wrack it Guid hap wi thon

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Albert Kirk Jr braw pow cramasie (darg o the deil's bird) snell shanks fankled birkie neb wheesht gleg een mawkit short syne a gorblin noo for aye wabbit: this Awmichtie ploy is the yin they'd gar ye

Albert Kirk Jr Laddies, thare isnae a wicht in the warld Cuid force ye tae poke a dirk in yer ee, Or thole wi nocht but a whisper a dirl That meant for ye no tae flyte whit ye dree; Thanks tae wur boa

Albert Kirk Jr A leader wi a japer's shtick, Electorates that vote for pricks Tae mak a pairt ye cannae stick: It's aw gangin tae shite. Thir fowk that hiv the owersicht O aw wur weirds but yaise thir