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The Structur

Albert Kirk Jr

The structur is sae heich that ye cannae rise ower it sae braid that ye cannae shank roon it sae laich that ye cannae howk unner it sae stoot that ye cannae whirl throu it Gang back? They aw gang back There's nae wey tae get by it Yer ainlie wale is tae wrack it Guid hap wi thon

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Albert Kirk Jr pishin doon, pishin doon, it's aye fuckin pishin doon; fae first Julie tae en o June, it's aye fuckin pishin doon; watter's swallin heich abune, it's aye fuckin pishin doon; an noo the

Albert Kirk Jr Gin Twitter's fou o heid-bangers hittin oot wi shite, threapin that this leid o oors isnae wirth a mite, dinnae get aw etterie, dinnae be a martyr: aw ye hiv tae dae is type RAM IT UP Y

Albert Kirk Jr Naething tae scrieve aboot, Naething at aw; A think A'll juist pit Ma pincil awa An tak a wee meenit Tae wait for a thocht An gin A get naething A'll scrieve aboot nocht.