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The Wit o Solomon

Albert Kirk Jr Strowth, thocht rank auld Solomon, A ken A've seen it duin: shear in hauf a swinkie an ye get yersel twa wirms. It follaes, syne, A'm siccar, A ween it cuid be duin: shear in hauf a laddie an we'll get wursel twa sons. The massie king rase doucely, fair setten no tae kythe shouders ticht an laiden wi the wecht o lairdly ties: "Rent the babbie doon the mid tae mak thir hairies chufft." Yin strag gret her hert oot but, while t'ither kittie bufft. "See," quo cannie Naamah, "hoo wice yer heidsman be? The maw alane wid skirl, he kent, sae gie the wean tae she." "Aye," quo he, bumbazelt, gunkt tae get it wrang, "gie the blirtin hure the bairn an thon's the hale jing-bang." He bad the notar scrieve it oot, the affcome o the pleen, an hid the snash tae ware hissel the wysins o the queen; But Naamah kent his patter weel an wisnae wearit doon, sin ae the gyte hamesucken crave the cairy o a croon.

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Albert Kirk Jr Naething tae scrieve aboot, Naething at aw; A think A'll juist pit Ma pincil awa An tak a wee meenit Tae wait for a thocht An gin A get naething A'll scrieve aboot nocht.