• albertkirkjunior

Union Jack

Albert Kirk Jr

Alister Jack,

Union Jack,

Whit ye gonnae dae

Whan we tak it aw back?

Hide in a midden

Doon in London toon,

Sair black-affrontit

Sin yer tabard's toom?

Coontin aw the siller

That Britannia gied,

No carin tuppence

For the fowk that's dee'd?

Luikin in the mirror

Wi yer stane-cauld een,

Weeshin ye wur sookin

Fae the erse o the Queen?

Here's whit ye'll dae, Jack,

Here's whit ye'll dae

Ilka meenit eftir

Independence day:

Stey whaur ye ur, Jack,

Stey whaur yer tholed,

Doon amang the lairdies

Wantin tungs for thir holes;

Scotland isnae needin fowk

Whae think it's shite

An dinnae hae a thocht

That isnae steepit in spite;

Sae dae whit ye dae, Jack,

Tae get tae sleep at nicht

An let us batter on

Makkin a'thing richt.

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