• albertkirkjunior

Whae Am A?

Albert Kirk Jr

A bide in yer mooth, but hail fae yer hert,

An traivel the kintra tae ilka wee pairt;

A ken aboot yin, tho no aboot yang,

An dinnae belong, insteid A belang;

A'm thrawn as a bull, tho sonsie an fain,

An auld as the braes, but green as a wean;

Ma sister is English, tho A'm no fae thare,

Wur baith o us different, but siccar tae share;

Unionists threap that A'm deid in a kist

An hiv tae hiv heard me tae ken A exist;

An gin a loon gies me a hantle o stick

A cry them a dobber insteid o a dick.

Whae am A, chiels? In case youse forgot:

A'm gallus, pawkie, gesserant SCOTS!

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