• albertkirkjunior

Whit's For Ye'll No Gae By Ye

Albert Kirk Jr

pechin for a braith

wrangweys agin the croud ye gang,

keelie efter keelie thrangin

richt an caur tae heeze ye alang,

olite for champin ye, spangin

the gate an cryin ye daftie,

bootin yer shanks, duntin yer heid,

yokin yer shackles an cantie

lauchin they'll gar ye perfit deid,

willnae say hou but, keep ye feart,

cleukin clauchtin hanchin stappin

reddin oot aw the fell misleart,

yer ilk forby yersel drappin

intae yer kists, intae the cauld

grey grund, nae names on stanes abune,

forfochten an spulyit, an auld

sang whaur naeb'dy can mind the tune

cannae tak a braith

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