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Whit Wid Tory Jesus Dae?

Albert Kirk Jr

Gin an ootrel willnae droon

An his orra hide is broon

Pack him aff tae Africa

Bi order o The Croon

Gin a mither hisnae meat

Tae gie her weans tae eat

Mak her roup her erse for brock

Tae let her ken she's beat

Gin yer grannie isnae weel

An is aiblins gonnae keel

Veesit her in hospital

Guisin as the De'il

Gin a mucker breks the law

An is gonnae tak a faw

Tell a fell ill-hertit fib

Tae wyte it on his maw

Gin yer siller in the bank

His seepit doon the stank

Dae a troke or twa wi thieves

Tae keep ye in yer rank

Gin yer kintra hisnae saucht

An is wantin chiefly thocht

Burn the grund ahint yer back

An lea' the gowks wi nocht

Let Masel bi thankit


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