• albertkirkjunior

Yer Da

Albert Kirk Jr

Yer da juist votit Tory

An syne he killt a wean

An syne he cut its napper aff

An shewed it on agane;

An syne he et its hurdies

An syne he et its shanks

An syne he et its shackle-banes

An aw its bluid he drank;

An syne he chowed its lugs aff

An spat them in the sheuch,

An syne he rent its thairm richt oot

An babbit in the steuch;

An syne he claucht its toalies

An pit them in his mooth

An rowed the keech aroon his chowks

An happit ilka tooth.

Dis thon no gar ye boak?

Yer da juist votit Tory?

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